August 2017

Fall Fashion Ready

Even though we are no where close to fall whether here in Florida other parts of the world are. Either you are preparing for those colder days or already welcoming them and need some new items for your fall wardrobe. My wardrobe right now still consist of flip flops tank tops and shorts, but I have begun looking for a few new fall items to wear this year. I always need inspiration and ideas as to what to add to my closet. So, I’m always on Pinterest or We Heart It to get ideas of pieces I should be looking at for my closet. Because I have been searching so much I have found some stuff that interest me and that are in fashion this year.

Flannel Shirts- I think we all know flannels are a trend that will never go out of style especially in the fall. Flannels are something you can either dress up or dress down. Dress it up with some chunky jewelry and a cute pair of jeans and heals. Dress it down with a pair of flats leggings and a messy bun. Its perfect for when you want to be cute and fashionable but comfortable at the same time.
Cardigans- Who doesn’t love cardigans? I personally have a few of them. Cardigans are an item that can pull any outfit together whether it be leggings and a t-shirt or jeans and a blouse. You can’t really go wrong with a cardigan in your wardrobe plus most of them are cozy and warm. It is also a plus for those chilly days and nights when you don’t want to wear a big jacket you can’t really move in. Because I live in Florida I don’t really need a big heavy jacket so cardigans are always my choice to keep me warm.
Knitted Sweaters- Of course it wouldn’t be fall without a sweater; it is called sweater weather for a reason. I only have one again, because I live in Florida and I don’t really need them but that doesn’t mean I didn’t wear it as many times possible last year. Knitted sweaters are great to wear with jeans and boots, skirts and heels and the best of all leggings because who doesn’t love legging! Sweaters are usually the most comfortable thing for me to wear and I find them to be amazing.IMG_6384

Leggings- You know by now that I love leggings, it’s pretty obvious. Leggings come in many colors patterns and styles and they can be worn with anything, skirts, blouses, t-shirts and sweaters. They are so comfortable to lounge around in the house with or to go out and look cute with a pair of boots. Even though we still are having summer weather here I have already started to wear my leggings.

Boots- Boots have to be one of my favorite items in my fall fashion list. There are so many boot choices out there, ankle boots, knee boots, boots that are flat boots with heels. The options are endless, you just need to pick the ones that fit your style. I personally like ankle boots and knee boots. I have a pair of both flats and ones with heels. Boots are the type of shoes for fall that can make or break an outfit. Boots can be worn with dresses, skirts, and jeans just pick the pair you love and you’re good to go.IMG_6386
So these are a few basic starter pieces for your fall wardrobe I know its not a lot but I will be doing a part two to this blog post. I hope you found this helpful because I know I always need help figuring out what to wear when the seasons change. So think of this as your starter kit and being one step closer to being fall fashion ready.

Favorite Disney Movies

Even though I am twenty years old I still love to be a little kid and watch a lot of Disney movies, because really who can resist them? Over the years I have seen a lot of Disney movies and many have become my favorites. I know a lot of people love Disney movies and maybe some of my favorites are your favorites too.

Beauty and the Beast- Growing up I’ve always loved Beauty and the Beast. I definetly watched it more than once and probably a couple times a day. When the new live action version of the movie came out this year you could say I was very excited. My dad and I actually made a date out of it and went to see it the first day it was in theaters. Considering he was the one that watched it with me multiple times when I was younger; I think that’s what made it better. I fell in love with Beauty and the Beast all over again seeing the newest movie which I purchased and have watched almost everynight while going to bed.

The Lion King- Who doesn’t love this movie? Actually I know someone that doesn’t like this movie and I don’t know how that’s possible. It’s another movie I grew up with and was my older brother’s favorite movie. When we were younger my mom had a van with a TV and a VHS player. When we went on road trips this is movie we watched a lot. I think we actually watched it so much that we broke the tape. It’s definatly a Disney classic and one you can’t not watch. The Lion King has always brought back good memories with my siblings. Which it is why it has always been one of my favorites.

Moana- I fell in love with Moana the first time I watched it, which was the day after my birthday. I love all of the music. I think besides Beauty and the Beast this is my favorite music in a Disney movie at the moment. I love all the characters in this movie especially Moana and Maui but Hai Hai has a special place in my heart; he’s to cute not to love. Now that this movie is on Netflix I have definitely seen it more than once. This movie became one of my favorites very quickly.

Finding Nemo- Everyone should love Finding Nemo. It is such a cute movie. Again this is a movie my brothers and I love. My older brother no longer lives at home and travels a lot. So whenever he is home this is a movie we watch together. But seriously, who doesn’t love that little fish and the famous line “ He Touched The Butt “ which I quote probably every time I see a boat. Honestly its hard not to like this movie and it has made its way in to my heart and will always be a favorite.

Finding Dory- Ah yes, the little adorable blue fish with short term memory loss. Dory was one of my favorite characters in Finding Nemo so when I found out they were making a Finding Dory I was super excited. I feel like this movie was way over due but totally worth the wait. I actually saw this movie with my brothers and dad which made it that more special and the movie was perfect. I love the new characters that were added in this movie and it was super cute.
The Aristocats- “ Everybody wants to be a cat,“ I loved this movie so much growing up. I for sure broke the VHS tape with how much I watched it. I love animals so give me a movie where animals can talk and sing and I’m a happy girl. I recently watched this movie so the songs have been stuck in my head once again. Marie was always my favorite kitten and Thomas O’Mally being my favorite cat.

Peter Pan- I think watching this movie as a little kid made me want to go to Neverland. I mean how could you not want to, its amazing. Peter Pan has always been a favorite character of mine. I’ve always loved the idea of going on an adventure and traveling. So, when I watched this movie with a whole lot of adventure it made me love it. I mean really who doesn’t love Peter Pan. I love his character. I believe Peter Pan is supposed to teach us not to grow up so fast and enjoy being young but one day that is what we have to do. I’ve been in love with this story forever and I love this movie even more.

Winnie The Pooh- Pooh Bear was really a movie and show I grew up with I was definitely obsessed with this little bear. I had the stuffed animals the clothes and a pillow with Pooh’s face on it. I think I probably had all the episodes and movies on tape. I really did love and still do love Winnie The Pooh. Honestly, Winnie The Pooh is something I still watch today if I can find it on Netflix and it always makes me feel like a little kid. But, sometimes thats just what you need.

There are so many more Disney Movies I love and if I named all of them this would be a very long blog post and take forever to read. New or old I have a deep love for Disney movies. They make me feel happy every time I watch one. I love the stories in each movie and the lesson each movie tries to teach. Some people would say I watch to many of these movies with how well I can quote them. These movies are made to make you feel happy and put a smile on your face. I can say personally I’m always happy after watching a Disney movie.

New Sunglasses Every Month

If you like have new accessories every month like sunglasses then Sol Theory is for you. Sol Theory is a online shop and a subscription service where every month they send you a new pair of sunglasses that are amazing quality and fashionalble. They contacted me back in August of 2016 to see if I would like to become an ambassador for there subscription service. I immediately replied with a yes! I mean who doesn’t love getting new sunglasses that are fashionable and affordable and you don’t have to hunt them down in a store. Along with becoming an ambassador they gave me a coupon code DREAMER96 for my friends family and followers to get 20% of there first subscription box. This company offers many choices of subscription boxes which are

* Hers single pair + three beauty products for $19.99
* Hers single pair box $12.99
* Hers single pair + one jewelry accessory $19.99
* His & Hers box $19.99
* Hers two pair box $19.99
* His single pair box $12.99
* Hers single pair + two jewelry accessories $26.99
* His two pair box $19.99

With all these choices theres no way you could go wrong whether it be a present for a loved one or a little gift for your self. The box I choose each month is the Hers single pair box and even though there aren’t any extra goodies in the box I still get excited when it arrives. I think that Sol Theory is a great service and I’m so happy that they contacted me a year ago. If they didn’t I would probably still be spending a lot of money on a new pairs of sunglasses. I’m always happy and excited to see what’s in my monthly box comes and it’s fun to style my new sunnies with an outfit. Sol Theory philosophy is Be Bold. Be Chic. Never Boring. I think they have definitely achieved that and are doing an amazing job. By the way, this is not a sponsored blog post these are just my thoughts on this company and after having my subscription for a year I’m still satisfied.IMG_5789IMG_5826

Instagram Themes

First lets start with the basics of an Instagram theme. What is an Instagram theme? An Instagram theme is a way to edit your photos to make them look put together and make them look like they belong. There are many different Instagram themes whichever one you like will tend to be your preference of choice. There is the blue theme, the black and white theme, the colorful theme and every theme in between. The first thing I would do is get inspired by other accounts and see what catches your eye and what draws you to a particular Instagram. If you like what you are seeing on there accounts in most likely other people do as well.

The Blue Theme- This theme is one I see more through the summer because everyone is going to the beach or the pool and outside just generally outside around blue objects. All which make this an easy theme to maintain. If you really love blue and are dedicated to keeping up with this theme it can be very pretty and eye pleasing. A way to get inspired for this theme is to look for accounts who have the same theme and have had it for awhile so they know what they are doing.


The Clean Theme- This theme has a lot of whites in it whether it be a white back ground or a white object that makes it look beautiful but simple at the same time.These themes also usually have a pop of color in them so its not all white and It will get people’s attention. This theme usually gets a large following because of how put together and pretty it can be. But, it is a more difficult theme to maintain because of all the white. So if you want this to be your theme be ready to do a lot of editing.


The Black & White Theme- This theme is very easy to take care of how could you really go wrong; its black and white. Either everything in the photo is black and white or you can put a black and white filter on the photos. It’s personally not my favorite theme but it is simple and easy to do. So if you love black and white and love the way this theme looks then it is the one for you.


The Travel Theme- This is theme is for all you travelers who explore the world and are in a new place every week. You don’t need to do a lot of editing to these photos because these photos capture the beauty of the world. So, if you love traveling and are one of the lucky ones that get to travel then this is perfect and easy for you.


The Colorful Theme- This theme is its name, it’s colorful, bright and its fun. You can pretty much post a photo of any color you want with this theme until your Instagram becomes a rainbow. A lot of YouTubers and bloggers are fond of this theme, but because it is so colorful and bright it can be a little more difficult to maintain. This theme definalty takes patience and a little more editing but if this is your style then go for it.


My Theme- My theme right now is what I would like to call the in between theme. If you are someone like me who likes to have their theme go with the season or likes to change your theme all the time then you are free to share your personal style. What I call my theme is the in between theme because I didn’t really want to end my Summer theme but its to early to start my Fall theme. So I picked a filter on VSCOcam and made my in between theme and this will be my theme until the Fall.


I want to remind everyone that Instagram was not created for photographers it was made so anyone could share there adventures with the world and have a way to express yourself. So, don’t feel like you need to have a theme or you have to edit your photos to make them look professional. I have two accounts, One I post anything I want on and one that has a theme so I can do both. Do whatever you are comfortable with. Either theme you choose I’m sure you’re Instagram will turn out amazing and beautiful. Always remember to have fun with it!

July Favorites

I think everyone has a product or a clothing item or a book they can label there favorites for each month. Personally, I like to see what everyone is loving each month it gives me a chance to find some new products and get inspirations for new outfits and maybe even find a new book to read. I also know I’m not the only person who likes these seeing everyones monthly favorites so I thought I would share a few of my own. My first favorite is “Its a 10” miracle leave in product. This product has changed my hair’s life! The benefits are it repairs dry, damaged hair, adds shine, seals and protects hair color. It is a flat iron and thermal protector along with many other benefits. I have been using this product for over a year now and it has definitely made my hair feel healthier. Before using this product I would flat iron, curl and blow dry hair with out any product to protect which I know is not smart. I shouldn’t have done it but I did and my hair got really damaged. Even though I have been using this product for over a year it is still my all time favorite. My next favorite is another hair product. if you follow me on Instagram then you would see I have blonde hair. Naturally, I am a brunette so my hair pulls more to the brassy tones which most brunettes do. But now after many bleaching sessions I am a platinum blonde. I like to keep my hair looking light, bright and blonde as would anyone would going from brunette to platinum blonde. To keep my now blonde hair looking blonde I love to use Matrix So Silver purple shampoo that neutralizes yellow tones but also helps with the brassy ones as well. Again, I have been using this product for almost a year, but it is the shampoo I wash my hair with every day and it is my favorite. Now, on to my make up favorites. I did write a blog about one of my favorites which is my Revlon Color Stay combination/oily liquid foundation so you can go read that if you would like. My next favorite which has been my favorite for awhile but especially now is my Too Faced melted matte lipstick in child star. If you know me you know I have a thing for liquid lipstick. It’s pretty much the only kind of lipstick I wear. I love this lipstick and shade is because one, its a long wear lipstick so I know it won’t smudge through out the day, Two, I love the shade because to me it’s the perfect nude. It’s not completely nude so when I put it on it doesn’t look like I have no lips but it’s also not a brown tone so it doesn’t look so dark. It’s a lovely pinky nude shade where it’s nude enough to look natural but just enough pink so you can still see my lips. I use this lipstick everyday and it is my go to shade. Now, I have many eyeshadow pallets from Urban Decay, Tarte, and Anastasia Beverly Hills. My favorite eyeshadow pallet I have been using all summer is my Tarte Tartiest Amazonian Clay Palette. I love the shades and options this palette gives me to create as many looks I want from natural to dramatic. It helps me create the perfect look for summer with all the beautiful red, orange, and purple tones this palette has in it. Moving on to my clothing favorites now. I know I am not the only one who has days where they don’t even want to mess with there hair. Either you went to the beach or the pool or you didn’t wash your hair and you just can’t be bothered to do anything about it. So, that is why my next favorite is my Sorry Not Sorry baseball hat. I got this hat the other week and I have been obsessed with wearing it either to hide my messy hair or to pull an outfit together. It’s my favorite accessory right now. Now, on to my clothing items. Because I do live in Florida it gets hot and I like to be comfy but cute in this hot Florida weather. My recent clothing obsession is my navy blue and pastel pink floral patterned soft shorts. I wear these shorts all the time they are so soft light weight and comfy perfect for those hot summer days. I also have two other pairs of shorts like these in different colors and patterns that I love wearing. So these are my monthly or July favorites. I know these types of post are not everyones cup of tea but I love discovering new products and clothing items so I hope you do as well.

How To Flat Lay Photos

I love photography! Some photos that catch my eye are beach, nature, food. beauty, and fashion photos. You get the picture; see what I did there. Anyway, a photo type that gets my attention more than most are flat lays. If you do not know how to flat lay or even what a flat lay is I will share that with you. A flat lay is an arrangement of items on a flat surface that look good and come together to make a pretty photo. There are many steps. to a flat lay. The first step is to get inspired. Now, like I said a flat lay is an arrangement of items and those items can be anything, its up to you. So, it could be a food flat lay, beauty or fashion flat lay, a stationary flat lay; really any kind that you want. So go on instagram and find your inspiration. Just search #flatlay on instagram and you’re mind will be blown with just how popular these photos are. I promise you will find your inspiration. Step two, gather your props and assemble. Your’re going to need a nice background for this photo . If you are going to place a lot of props on it I would suggest a simple background. It can be marble, a pretty wooden floor, or a solid color or any other background you want. I like to keep my backgrounds simple because if you have a busy background it takes your eye away from the props in the photo. Once you have your background it is time to get your props together, Now some people like to keep the props pretty uniform by arranging them into a square to fit in the square photo setting for Instargam. Then there are people who like it a little more messy and scattered where they lay and place the items anywhere it looks pleasing to them. Something I like to do is find as many props as I can for the photo so I enough to pick and choose from then I decide whether it is going to be a little more messy or a square photo. When arranging your props you want to make sure there are no big blank spots, but you also don’t want to over do it by adding to many props and making it look cluttered. Another tip is if you are doing a flat lay and you have one item that you want to be your focus point. Place that down first then add other smaller items around it. So lets say you got a new make up pallet and you want that to be your focus. What you would do is place that down first then you place items that go with it around it. In this case it could be make brushes, lipstick, lipgloss or glitter. As long as they all look good together it will be perfect. Step three, now that we have our inspiration, our background and props it is time to take the photo. Most flat lay photos are taken from a birds eye view which mean you are going to get up high and aim your camera straight down. Like I said most flat lay photos are taken from a birds eye, but you could also angle it a little to give another perspective and make it a little more interesting. If you feel like your photo is missing something or needs a little more you could also ad your hand in to it holding one of the props. If you want to use both hands it is most likely you are going to need a friend or family member to take the photo. Step four, once you have your photo taken it is time to move on to editing. Personally this is one of my favorite parts. Now there are so many apps to choose from to edit your photos with. I love to edit my pictures with VSCOcam then I arrange my theme with UNUM, but there are a lot more apps that are very popular. The ones I hear people talking about the most are VSCOcam, After Light, and Face Tune. Obviously there are many more out there but these are the ones I hear the most about. It just depends on what you are looking to get out of your editing experience and what you want your photos to look like. Step five, have fun! Photography can be very entertaining and very fun no matter what kind of photo it is. So, don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with it.