September 2017

Photography Inspiration

I love photography. It’s one of of my favorite things to do, but even though I love it I sometimes have photography block. Photography block is just like writer’s block. I sometimes have a hard time finding inspiration of what to take photos of and I need help figuring it out. Pinterest and We Heart It are very good places to get inspiration and even Google can help if you search photography inspiration. I like to look for all types of photos just to help understand what I am trying to get out of my own pictures. There are many types of photos to look at on the internet to inspire you.

Landscape Photos - When I think of landscape photos I think of nature. It kind of goes with the name. Landscape photos are usually photos of beaches, mountains, forest, fields or even busy city streets. Anything in nature that catches your eye will make a beautiful photograph.
Food Photos - For all you foodies out there this is your type of photography. I mean really, who doesn’t love food? I actually like looking at artsy food photos even though it makes me hungry every time I see one. Probably, because I decide to look at food photos late at night not a good idea. But, if you love food or have a food blog these are the photos for you.
Fashion Photos- Whether you’re a fashion designer a fashion blogger or someone who just enjoys fashion these photos are really fun. Most of the time they will showcase an outfit or an accessory. I happen to love fashion photos because they always give me ideas on what to wear or what to add to my closet. Really you can’t go wrong with a good and pretty fashion photo.
Flat Lay Photos- Flat Lay photos are very popular and are eye catchers. I personally love flat lay photos and did a blog post on them last month. These photos can be very easy to do and pleasing for the eye to look at. If you have a product or an accessory you want to show off this is photo for you.

Floral Photos- There are so many wonderful flowers out in the world and all of them are beautiful. I love photos that showcase a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a flower field. Flowers can be a great accent piece to your photo or the main focus.
There are many types of photography and many things to get inspiration from either its from Instagram, Pinterst, We Heart It, or something you see in your everyday life. Just remember as long as you are taking pictures of something you love it will turn out amazing.