Fall Fashion Ready

Even though we are no where close to fall whether here in Florida other parts of the world are. Either you are preparing for those colder days or already welcoming them and need some new items for your fall wardrobe. My wardrobe right now still consist of flip flops tank tops and shorts, but I have begun looking for a few new fall items to wear this year. I always need inspiration and ideas as to what to add to my closet. So, I’m always on Pinterest or We Heart It to get ideas of pieces I should be looking at for my closet. Because I have been searching so much I have found some stuff that interest me and that are in fashion this year.

Flannel Shirts- I think we all know flannels are a trend that will never go out of style especially in the fall. Flannels are something you can either dress up or dress down. Dress it up with some chunky jewelry and a cute pair of jeans and heals. Dress it down with a pair of flats leggings and a messy bun. Its perfect for when you want to be cute and fashionable but comfortable at the same time.
Cardigans- Who doesn’t love cardigans? I personally have a few of them. Cardigans are an item that can pull any outfit together whether it be leggings and a t-shirt or jeans and a blouse. You can’t really go wrong with a cardigan in your wardrobe plus most of them are cozy and warm. It is also a plus for those chilly days and nights when you don’t want to wear a big jacket you can’t really move in. Because I live in Florida I don’t really need a big heavy jacket so cardigans are always my choice to keep me warm.
Knitted Sweaters- Of course it wouldn’t be fall without a sweater; it is called sweater weather for a reason. I only have one again, because I live in Florida and I don’t really need them but that doesn’t mean I didn’t wear it as many times possible last year. Knitted sweaters are great to wear with jeans and boots, skirts and heels and the best of all leggings because who doesn’t love legging! Sweaters are usually the most comfortable thing for me to wear and I find them to be amazing.IMG_6384

Leggings- You know by now that I love leggings, it’s pretty obvious. Leggings come in many colors patterns and styles and they can be worn with anything, skirts, blouses, t-shirts and sweaters. They are so comfortable to lounge around in the house with or to go out and look cute with a pair of boots. Even though we still are having summer weather here I have already started to wear my leggings.

Boots- Boots have to be one of my favorite items in my fall fashion list. There are so many boot choices out there, ankle boots, knee boots, boots that are flat boots with heels. The options are endless, you just need to pick the ones that fit your style. I personally like ankle boots and knee boots. I have a pair of both flats and ones with heels. Boots are the type of shoes for fall that can make or break an outfit. Boots can be worn with dresses, skirts, and jeans just pick the pair you love and you’re good to go.IMG_6386
So these are a few basic starter pieces for your fall wardrobe I know its not a lot but I will be doing a part two to this blog post. I hope you found this helpful because I know I always need help figuring out what to wear when the seasons change. So think of this as your starter kit and being one step closer to being fall fashion ready.