Fall Bucket List

Every year there are things I can’t wait to do once fall arrives. Why I never made a fall bucket list before last year. I know a lot of people love fall just as much as I do and also make fall bucket list. So I decided to share mine to hopefully give you ideas on things you may enjoy this fall.

Pumpkin Carving - I have never carved a pumpkin before. We used to get fake pumpkins from Michaels and decorate them with paint, stickers, or glitter. My older brother would sometimes carve a pumpkin but I never got the chance to do this when I was younger. So, this year I am carving a pumpkin!

Roast Smores - I was working last year so I missed out on this chocolatey goodness. I didn’t have a chance to go outside to the fire pit, and roast s’mores. So, it’s definitely something I want to do this year.

Apple Picking- This is something me and my friend talked about doing last year, but we just never did it. I hope to find somewhere near us to go out and pick the fresh and delicious apples from the trees.

Fall Photoshoot- I love fall and how the leaves change color. For weeks I have been wanting to do a fall photoshoot. It’s one that I’m most excited for this year.

Jump in Leaf Piles- Since I live in Florida it’s not really possible to do that here. But where my grandparents live. There are leaves everywhere wait to be made into a leaf pile.

Fall Candles- I can check this on off the list. The other day I went to bath & body and bought my favorite fall candles. My two favorites are pumpkin pecan waffles and vanilla pumpkin marshmallow. I am currently burning the pumpkin pecan waffles one and it puts me in the fall mood.

This is a short post but I hope this gives you a few ideas on what to do for fun this season. Now, that it is officially fall I am hopeful that I am going complete all of these this year. I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed it and I hope to hear about your fall bucket list.